Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mt Etna Man

Somerville, Mass - In case anybody is wondering about the new photo on my homepage, let me introduce you to Mt Etna Man.

This wizened face is carved from a giant piece of Etna lava - no joke. We bought it from the artist when we were in Sicily two years ago. He was working along the road, as we drove up to the base of the mountain.

It was a bit of a debacle to get him back to Venice. We tried to carry him on the airplane in a backpack, but security was very suspicious. Nonetheless, they couldn't really come up with any reason why he might be dangerous. Finally, they just said it was too heavy and he would have to be checked. And that was that.

I went running through the airport to have him wrapped up in bubble wrap and then abandoned him at the check-in counter (as per staff instructions), despite the fact that nobody was there to accept baggage.

Unfortunately, (of course) he did not make it onto our flight. Fortunately, he showed up in Venice a few days later. Unfortunately, he was in two pieces, which explains the unsightly scar across his cheek. But never mind, he still makes a delightful addition to the garden.

This is the first time in years that I am home in April, so I am really enjoying witnessing the garden come back to life. The forsythia is a little spotty, but the tulips and daffodils are marvelous. I didn't even know I had daffodils back there!

All the nice weather and spring blooms reminds me: it's just about spritz season!

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